FourTwenty Saxo Bong with Drum Perc – Herb/Oil



This FourTwenty black Saxo Bubbler is one of the latest pieces of glass art that will lift you up to the heavens! Made of a super sturdy heat proof borosilicate glass, it is designed in the style of a scientific tube. It is intended for both herbs and oil lovers, as it comes with an oil adaptor, a nail and a dome. The built-in diffuser connects to a drum percolator that will bubble up your smoke. With the FourTwenty logo featuring at the front of the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a flare round mouthpiece through a sidecar handle that will offer you a funny sense of smoking in addition to a comfortable grip.

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FourTwenty Saxo Bong with Drum Perc - Herb/Oil (P2001BK)


    • Style: Saxo/Scientific
    • Height: 20cm
    • Thickness: 5mm
    • Mouthpiece Diameter: 60mm
    • Socket: 18.8mm
    • Drum Percolator
    • Ergonomic Design

Additional Items:

    • 1 x FourTwenty Oil Dome
    • 1 x FourTwenty Oil Nail
    • 1 x 18.8mm x 18.8mm Socket Adapter
    • 1 x FourTwenty Male Herb Bowl with Inbuilt Screen


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