Oral Fluid Twist Cassette – Tests for 6 Drugs in Saliva


Tests for (the lowest concentration it looks for is in brackets):

  • Cocaine (20ng/mL)
  • Amphetamine (d-Amphetamine 50ng/mL, d,l-Amphetamine 125ng/mL)
  • Cannabis (12ng/mL)
  • Methamphetamine (50ng/mL)
  • Benzodiazepines (Diazepam 3ng/mL – for full list see the product description)
  • Opiates (Morphine 40ng/mL, Codeine 10ng/mL

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Oral Fluid Twist Cassette - Tests for 6 Drugs in Saliva (ORAT6V3)


Oral Fluid Twist Cassette

Detects up to 6 drugs

When someone takes a drug, it can be found in oral fluid for several hours. Oral fluid screening detects drug impairment, telling you if the donor is under the influence.

The Twist Cassette is a rapid screening test to detect up to
6 of the most commonly abused drugs in oral fluid.
With only two components, the test is extremely easy and
straight forward to use.
Simply use the swab to collect the oral fluid and push the
swab into the cassette. When you are ready to run the test,
rotate the barrel which releases the sample into the test.
The Twist Cassette contains clever chemistry which allows
you to detect both parent and metabolite cannabis (THC).
This means that samples that contain cannabis are caught
much earlier in the detection window than conventional
The results are read at 10 minutes, or before if a negative
result shows. Two lines (C and T) indicate a negative result,
one line (C) indicates a positive result.

Why Oral Fluid?

Ideal for workplace or incident screening when you need to know whether someone is under the influence of drugs. Only Oral Fluid will do in these situations, because it relates directly to the levels of drug in the blood. If present, we know that the drug is having an effect on the donor. It is worth considering that someone who has just taken a drug could still test negative on a urine test, because the remains of drug take hours to show in a urine sample. For a full picture of drug abuse, there is a need to test all three of the main mediums involved with drug screening, Oral Fluid, Urine and Hair.

Drug Retention Times Directions for Use Drug Retention Times

Directions for Use


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