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We take postage and packaging very seriously here at Dr Hermans. We love our products as we hope you do and so to have a piece of glass arrive that has been accidently mistreated by our venerable postage service is devastating for everyone.

So rest assured that we package everything securely and discreetly. If you have any questions or requests then please contact us here.


Shipping Tariffs

Free Shipping: 

To qualify for Free Shipping you just need to spend £10 or more. The package will be sent 2nd class Royal Mail.

If your order comes to £50 or more then it will be sent by next day courier.

For the rest of the options these are within line with Royal Mail prices and delivery times.

What to do if you receive a damaged item

Just email us here explaining the situation. We will need to see a photo of the broken item before we can take the process any further. 

There are two options once we receive a photo of the broken item. 

  1. We do a straight replacement.
  2. You send it back to us and we do a full refund (including any shipping incurred on your part).

That seems fair.

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